Making Credit Card Payment on Time

You know what happens when you fall behind in making monthly payments: you get dinged with late fees and penalties. Under some circumstances, a late payment is reported to credit ratings bureaus. But the worst of it is when you are late in making a credit card payment. Your credit line might be reduced and worse, your interest rate charges might be hiked up – well into double digits (some companies take it as high as 29%).

Ouch. For anyone working hard to manage bills under difficult circumstances, that is a triple whammy: accumulating balance due, higher interest charges, and often a negative report to Experien, TransUnion and Equifax.

This may not be due to insufficient income to pay the bills. It may have more to do with timing – your paycheck to cover the bills will arrive a week or two after the bill is due. It’s a calendar problem.

If you have bad credit already, the best option for getting the cash to cover such bills it is through cash advances, otherwise known as “ bad credit loans .” This is where you take out a loan against the paycheck to follow. In case that sounds complicated, think about how you get cash advances in these four steps:

1. Recognize need for a loan – Sure, there is often a moment of panic. Marshall your wits to address it with an “I can do this” attitude.

2. Log on to the lender’s website – You can find cash advances in many places, but are smart to work with U.S.-based bad credit loans companies.

3. Apply and get confirmed – Applications typically require about 10 or 15 minutes (all done online). Confirmation of your loan should come within one hour; 85% of applicants receive cash advances.

4. Receive loan next morning – The application requires that you provide bank information. This is critical to the convenience of the service – it’s where your loan is received overnight, and it’s where you repay on the loan with your next paycheck.

The calendar only has to be a problem if you allow it. Payday cash advances are a way to fix it.

How to acquire a Low Interest Charge card

Credit cards are very convenient to possess and to make use of but do need you to use all of them responsibly to prevent getting in to debt. Despite proper cost management and financial responsibility, credit cards may become a load mainly because of the interest rates which are a required evil as it pertains down into it. Some begin you off having a low opening rate after which increases significantly once the promotional period is finished leaving you within an uncomfortable position should you did not really properly arrange for the alter. One way of preventing this would be to avoid the actual introductory price hoopla and seriously consider the last rate.

While opening rates in many cases are too great to avoid, they are often only for any limited period. This timeframe is generally anywhere between 6 months to annually which is undoubtedly shorter than you’ll probably keep the charge card. Think of the introductory price only being an added reward to obtaining that one card and never let it function as the deciding element. What you need to make your own deciding factor may be the interest rate that you’ll be locked into when the timeframe for that introductory price has run out. Look for a low interest rate cards which generally are not really lost within the promotional hoopla.

Like along with any buy, you would like to get the greatest deal with regards to credit cards. The greatest deal on the is not really the marketing rates you can find, but rather the eye rate that you’ll be responsible for following the promotion. Take time to shop around for top one using the lowest prices. This may need a bit more time in your part but ultimately will advantage you. Read the small print about the actual rates offered on the particular greeting card and make sure that it won’t be subject to alter after some time.

You also wish to seriously consider varying rates of interest which may be applied in order to different uses of the credit greeting card. For instance, using features for example cash advances which are sometimes provided by credit companies will frequently subject you to definitely higher rates of interest than what you will normally purchase making buys or payments making use of your it usually. Find the card with an intention rate which works for you personally and the way you plan on making use of your credit greeting card both right now and later on.

Interest rates oftentimes cannot end up being avoided with regards to credit cards however, you can look around to locate a low interest charge card that will meet your requirements and maintain you through paying mountain tops of extra cash in curiosity. Also, remember that with numerous credit businesses, if you repay your balance soon after receiving your own monthly statement you won’t be put through the interest causing this to be the best answer to avoid rates of interest.

5 plugins to help with Featured Image (Post thumbnail)

Featured Image is an inportant part of almost every WordPress blog. Whatever theme may be you are using for your blog, it is supposed to support this feature! However, issues related to Featured Image ussually come up at times when you change an existing theme or upgrade to a newer version of WordPress! Below are 5 WordPress plugins that will help you overcome these problems:

#1, Quick Featured Images


The plugin ‘Quick Featured Images‘ helps you bulk managing featured images, setting automatic default featured images to save your time. Firstly, using the plugin, you can set, replace and remove featured images for hundreds of posts and pages. You can run it over all contents or let it work only to desired contents by using flexible filters. Secondly, the plugin displays assigned features images in an additional sortable image column in lists of posts, pages and custom post types if they support thumbnails. This helps you get a quick overview about used thumbnails of all posts and pages. Additionally, the plugin enables you to define presets for automatic default featured images for future posts as many as you need. You can set accurate rules based on post properties.

If there would be no filters, Quick Featured Images would affect all posts and pages without exception! In most cases this is not desired. The implemented filters allow you to narrow down the action to only the posts and pages you want to modify. The built-in filters are:

  • Filter by post type: Search by post types
  • Filter by category: Search posts by category
  • Filter by tag: Search posts by tag
  • The premium version offers you additionally:
  • Filter by format: Search by post format
  • Filter by author: Search by author
  • Filter by custom taxonomy: Search by terms of registered taxonomies of a plugin or a theme
  • Filter by featured image size: Search for small featured images below a given size
  • Filter by multimedia type: Search for audio and video files
  • Filter by search: Search by search term: Search in post title and post content or in post title only
  • Filter by status: Search by several statuses (published, draft, private etc.). By default all statuses will be affected
  • Filter by time: Search by time specifications
  • Filter by parent page: Search child pages by parent page

See more here:

#2, Drag & Drop Featured Image


Drag & Drop Featured Image is a plugin made to save you time when setting a featured image. What it does is simple, it replaces the default “Set featured image” metabox with a new one containing a Plupload drop area just like the one found in the media uploader.

Credit Scores Affect Loan And Credit Approvals

Whenever you are applying for a loan or any type of credit application, one figure always turns up: your credit score. This is probably the most important aspect of your credit status, as it determines your creditworthiness (if you are a credit applicant), and will make or break that loan approval. Aside from these, your credit score will also affect how much your loan will cost you during the repayment. The higher your credit score, the more manageable your credit risk. Your interest rates also decrease with higher scores, and will increase your chances for loan approval.

FICO scores range between 350 and 850, with the latter being the best possible rating; a perfect score affords you the lowest interest in your loans. Scores which fall below 600 reduces your chances for loan approval; otherwise you may be given increased interest rates, compared to those usually advertised. If you are applying for debt relief as a result of a bankruptcy, filing it with a score below 560 won’t hurt your overall credit rating, compared to filing it with a score higher than 700. For higher scores debt restructuring, not debt relief, is the best way to repair your financial rating.

Your credit score will be a useful tool for the lender in determining two things: your credit reliability and your repayment interest rate. These apply to any form of financial transactions you apply for, as long as it involves a lender and a loan. It is true that there are car dealerships which offer zero percent rates on car loans. However, this only applies for people with a perfect credit score. Those who have average to low scores may need to answer for interest rates of seven or eight percent, and applicants with bad credit take the full brunt of the penalty, being required to pay for interest rates of up to ten percent. Keep in mind that your credit score is only one of the many factors which can influence your loan’s interest rate. The kind of property in which you intend to invest your loan money, and how much of it is going to the investment, are deciding factors for approval, among other things.

Although banks and lenders are the first to pull out your credit report as soon as the situation calls for it, other institutions are also getting into the credit score bandwagon, including landlords, employers, businessmen, and insurance companies. While you may think that there is little connection between your credit and driving histories, for insurance companies, using your credit score to determine your capability of paying for premiums is made to their advantage, as it helps them cut back on their losses. Although they use a formula which is different from those used by bankers and lenders, referring to it as an insurance score, the use of credit scores to determine your eligibility for an insurance policy is under close scrutiny, to the point that many states outlaw the practice. Whether your credit score is used to your advantage or otherwise, you have to closely monitor it, maintaining a good score or improving on a bad rating by dealing with missed and late payments and outstanding loans, while keeping loan requests at a minimum. Your financial health is measured by your credit score, and letting it take an uncomfortable dip can cause your loan applications to be declined.

Credit Cards for People With Bad Credit

Bad credit cards will allow you to receive a credit card even if your credit is not very good. Bad credit cards are a good way to reestablish the credit rating you have. They can be either unsecured or secured credit cards, as it will depend on the credit card company that issues the card.

When you look for a credit card that you can get even though your have less than perfect credit, you should look into a card that is offered by a bank that reports to a credit agency monthly. When you try to reestablish your credit it will be faster to raise your credit score by reporting to a credit agency monthly. Every time you pay in a timely manner and decrease your credit balance it is reported quickly to the agency, which will then quickly change your credit report. It will not happen overnight. But over time your credit will get better and eventually you will be able to apply for better credit cards.

You have to be aware that there is a negative aspect about using bad credit cards issued from banks that report on a monthly basis. All the negative activity on your credit card, such as late payments is also reported quickly. So if you do not pay your balance on time it will be shown on your credit report. So you may ask yourself, where can I get a bad credit card issued by banks that report monthly? Here are a few cards that you can apply for and get back on track with your credit.

The Orchard Bank Platinum MasterCard is issued by a leading institution in terms of helping people with credit problems. Of the banks that issue credit cards that are sub-prime Orchard is seen to be one of the better by both customers and the industry as a whole. Orchard offers premium platinum credit cards with purchase protection. Other benefits of the Orchard credit cards is that they report to all four credit bureaus on a monthly basis, which gives you more of an opportunity to improve your credit score. These cards are specially designed to help people that have had credit problems.

Centennial knows that recovering from financial difficulties can be a hard task. Centennial offers both Visa and MasterCard bad credit cards and they report to credit bureaus on a monthly basis to help you repair your credit quicker. Centennial cards are very popular these days, as they also have a great customer service department that can help you out in anything you need.

First Premier Bank offers a few Visa and MasterCard credit cards for people that have less than perfect credit. First Premier offers low interest rates on purchases made on their cards, have more than 3 million customers, and report to credit bureaus on a monthly basis. The reporting on a monthly basis is some thing you should look for in a bad credit card, because it can help you establish your credit faster than if the reporting was not done each and every month.

The banks above are just a few of the banks that report monthly and issue bad credit cards. If you are having financial difficulties, or have in the past, and want to repair your credit than you may want to look into the cards that are issued by these banks.

There are several important aspects that you have to remember when you receive a credit card. Most of these cards are unsecured and because of this they will usually have either an initial fee or an annual fee. Some of these cards may require you to make a prepayment or even a fee every month. Make sure that you thoroughly look over each credit card offer and find out what their additional fees for the card will be.

It can take a little work in order to repair your credit and get back to solid financial ground. By using a bank issued credit card that reports every month to credit bureaus you can improve your credit history in a short time period.

This article was contributed to US-CreditCards dot com by a freelance author. The thoughts and financial advice are not those of US-CreditCards dot com. The articles intended use is for personal entertainment only. We do not assume any responsibility nor liability resulting from the use of the content in the article. You are encouraged to always consult a professional for advice concerning your personal finances.

What are special things in Xiaomi Mi 4c smart phone?

Recently, Xiaomi – a famous, high quality mobile brand in the world has launched a new models Mi 4C as promised in an event in China and received much attention from audiences.

Recently, Xiaomi – a famous, high quality mobile brand in the world has launched a new models Mi 4C as promised in an event in China and received much attention from audiences.

Specifically, there are many senior executives have posted their thoughts and shared details of this product. For examples, Xiaomi Co-Founder and President Lin Bin revealed that Xiaomi Mi4c would feature a 5-megapixel sensor, come with 85-degree wide angle lens and dual-SIM support, self-timer. Especially, Xiaomi Mi 4c also has 5-inch full-HD (1080×1920 pixels) display, 13-megapixel rear camera similar to the Xiaomi Mi 4i. Besides, he also compared front-camera of Mi 4C with iPhone 6 and confirmed about Snapdragon 808 SoC, which will bring a better images, improve data connectivity with 20 percent faster download speeds, saving battery power for Xiaomi users.

Moreover, basing on some leak information, Mi 4C will be launched in two versions: 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage priced at CNY 1,299 (approximately Rs. 13,500), and 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage priced at CNY 1499 (approximately Rs. 15,500). Especially, happy news for Xiaomi users is this model will be released in colorful variants in the first week of October. However, sad news which will disappoint many people is Xiaomi 4C be on sale in China only.

The leaks so far have tipped that the new Mi 4c supports USB Type-C reversible connector, a highlight of the device, but would also support the common Micro-USB connector, coming with a Micro-USB to USB Type-C adapter in the box for the bundled Micro-USB cable.

The company has introduced a USB Type-C Adapter which will be available via the company’s online store ( at CNY 5 (approximately Rs. 50). Besides, its operating system also includes the function of Edge Tap Technology, which allows users to click an image or anything with a single tap while if they want to open, lock mobile or back to previous page, double tap will be required.

Other rumors said that this smartphone will support Quick Charge 2.0. Basing on a reliable source, it is confirmed that: “The handset comes with Infrared that helps the handset to act as a remote for various electronic appliances. It measures 138.1×69.6×7.8mm and weighs 132 grams. It will be available in Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, and White colours.”

The last but not least, another special thing of this smartphone is the rear camera features phase detection autofocus and comes with Sony IMX258 or Samsung S5K3M2 sensor and the dual 4G SIM-based Mi 4c is backed by 3080mAh battery.

In short, Xiaomi Mi 4C is really a super product with many breakthrough features and dynamic appearances which are expected to attract and satisfy any people.

Leaking Information about BlackBerry Venice

According to website and other reliable information sources, BlackBerry won’t launch new models until November; however, they always give several leaks and rumors around the forthcoming handset named Venice.


According to website and other reliable information sources, BlackBerry won’t launch new models until November; however, they always give several leaks and rumors around the forthcoming handset named Venice.

Previously, in a BlackBerry event, they have deliberately revealed numerous images of Venice with large screen, dual – curved edges (like Galaxy S6 Edge) and sliding keyboard (like BlackBerry 9800). Besides, this smartphone is also rumored to be quite high with snapdragon 810, 3GB of RAM, 3850mAh battery, 18-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front-camera. Recently, it is no longer just a rumor, all images and functions of Venice has been appeared in a video of a Canadian mobile retailer.

Through this video, we could see that BlackBerry Venice seems to bring a new design style which more gently and oval to fit with curved screen edges. Moreover, unlike all previous Blackberry phones running the firm’s own bespoke BlackBerry OS software, Venice may be the first phone running Android Lollipop operating system with a number of handy additions such as shortcuts, tap-to-wake, to launch email app, and others. This combination is quite wacky and perverse like A Nokia Lumia running Android, a Samsung Galaxy running iOS, but it’s interesting and attractive also.

Especially, the Venice keyboard seems rather small and square, coming with capacitive touch input, which will allow a user to scroll through a page just by touching the keyboard – meaning you get the best of both worlds – a decent sized touch display, as well as a BlackBerry keyboard. However, the Qwerty keyboard of the phone no longer has metal lines to emphasize masculinity and luxury like other previous BlackBerry models.

Furthermore, besides the Venice appearance, its features are also clearly revealed. The very first different function of Venice is BlackBerry Password Keeper which previously is a popular app on BlackBerry handsets. Especially, website also points out that: “There have been lots of rumors circulating that BlackBerry was taking a lot of interest in what Android could offer – above and beyond offering access to Android apps via Amazon App store.”

Although all these information hasn’t yet been verified and there are many controversial things around these rumors, it is still happy news for Android fan who always desire a physical keyboard, especially when BlackBerry CEO John Chen started commenting on the rumors that the Canadian firm would consider an Android build if it could be made secure.

Finally, it is more evident proving for that case when a Tweet made by reliable leakster Evan Blass, aka @evleaks said that “ the BlackBerry Venice has now been “confirmed” for a release in November 2015, specifically in the US on all major US carrier networks, though that doesn’t necessarily rule it out launching in non-US regions.”

Just break iOS9 security; you will receive 1 million $

Zerodium security firm offered a reward valued up to 1 million dollar for anyone who find out the way to attack and hijack all devices running Apple’s iOS9.

It could be said that iOS9 is not only users’ love but research, assault and exploitation objectives of the security and hackers also. Zerodium was created by Chaouki Bekrar, the founder of VUPEN, a company akin to the Hacking Team, which created its own exploits and then sold them to the highest bidder (even if that was a country that often uses such exploits to violate human rights).

Recently, Zerodium security firm offered a reward valued up to 1 million dollar for anyone who find out the way to attack and hijack all devices running the latest version Apple’s iOS9. The company will be able to offer up to three such prizes for a total of $3 million. The amount is 10 times more than what the company usually pays for a mobile vulnerability.

To become a winner, you have to send Zerodium a method to attack hijack all devices running iOS9. And of course, you can use any method from extracting the default configuration of some browsers like Safari or Google Chrome on the iPhone to using a website as a tool to attack the Apple device (either through the browser or other applications having ability to access this site) or using Ze-ro vulnerabilities on this operating system.

Besides, all people who participate in this program have to commit to Zerodium that they will not send discovered method for Apple and announced it publicly on the mass media.

Zerodium could sell this offensive technique to any organization or government. Chaouki Bekrar, Zerodium founder said that the reason why they offered a high valued prize is “iOS is the the most secure mobile operating system in the world”.

However, he also noted that the safest does not mean that it is inviolable so any people, especially, security experts still have a chance of becoming a millionaire when participating in find out some errors and the way to attack the most secure system: iOS9.

Not just Zerodium, there are many organizations have started to check iOS9 carefully to point out all its errors. For examples, iZettle noted on its website that: “We have discovered a problem in Apple’s software. The problem causes Bluetooth to be switched off when you try to pair the Card Reader Pro. This means that you can’t pair the card reader with your iPhone or iPad, and consequently can’t use it to take card payments,”

Recently, YouTube channel Everything Apple Pro figured out how to overcome iOS lock screen 9, which may interfere with the personal data from contacts to photos with a few simple tips. We can say that this is a pretty serious error of this mobile platform because previously, the confidential method of Touch ID fingerprint associate with passcode is seem almost inviolable now has been broken.

Apple‘s iOS9 and all things you need to know

Recently, Apple has released the latest version of mobile operating system named iOS9 with many features help iPhone become more convenient and useful. So, now we will find out all new functions of this mobile operating system rocking our world and the way to make it helps you change your lives for the better.

Nowadays, owning smart phones is quite easy, but how to effectively use it is still a concerning question, especially when you own a phone changing rapidly like iPhone.

Recently, Apple has released the latest version of mobile operating system named iOS9 with many features help iPhone become more convenient and useful. So, now we will find out all new functions of this mobile operating system rocking our world and the way to make it helps you change your lives for the better.


Firstly, we have to mention to its security improvements. With the think that users deserve to control their own information in anyway, Apple has promised better user privacy and security with Six-digit passcodes to counter brute forcing attacks. Besides, there are several safely- friendly applications you could own after installing iOS9.

Moreover, unlike other systems, iOS9 is quite easy to use because Apple is aiming to become the pioneer in the next phase of technology when all engines will have to adapt to people’s behaviors and needs. In iOS9, it’s more central to the user experience. In other words, the whole characteristics of this operating system is trying the best to simplify the way you navigate your phone, no matter where you’re going. You could easily realize this feature when downloading the update which is only about one quarter size of the last one, so you won’t have to delete almost your data before installing it.

Furthermore, the biggest change in iOS9 is the improvement in Siri. Previously, Apple doesn’t invest much on Siri, but now the virtual assistance has been delegated more powerful, more seamlessly integrated into the UI, than ever before. It can be said that in iOS9, all thing you have to do is ask, and then Siri will help you find out anything you want, look through your photos and even see what you’re looking at and help you remember or handle it later.

Especially, the significant thing that many users interested in is the change in iPhone Take Note. Instead of boring notes with only words, iOS9 brings to users a rich note-taking app which you will really want to experience. You could keep all your memories, create anything with this new application such as store web clippings, documents, maps or anything else. With iOS9 Notes, you can draw, make a photo story, creative checklist and store many web links or apps. In fact, with these additional functions, Apple really could attractive more and more people who are busy and find hard to remember all things. Moreover, the best part about the Notes update is people don’t have to spend much time on tab to open this application when they want to store anything but just tab the share button, , then tap the Notes app and a pop-up will let you edit the note, add text and choose which note to save it to.

The last but not least, iOS9 was designed to be much more battery-efficient by trimming usage where possible. When your mobile is at the low power modes, this system will control to turned off all unnecessary functions such as mail fetch, app fresh, automatic downloads and some visual effects.

In conclusion, may be basing on these improvements above, after only very short time being launched, iOS9 has surpassed Lollipop in the number of installations and received many user’s favor.

All things you should know about LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P

There are many rumors repeated that Google decide to corporate with LG – for a smaller Nexus 5 successor and Huawei for a larger Nexus 6 successor, both coming inside 2015.

Google is going to organize an event on September 29th in San Francisco with the aim to introduce two Nexus smartphones. This launching event is expected to a chance for Google to confirm or negate all leak information.

It’s quite easy to realize that all previous nexus was technically a great phone in terms of specs and tech, but it didn’t impress many people because of its size. Therefore, almost people hope that they will see a unique characteristic or anything could make them surprise in Google next event in the nearly last day of September.

Maybe hearing all customers complains that the Nexus 6 is a let-down and the lack of more modestly-sized device to be sold alongside the huge phablet, intended for those who don’t dig monster proportions, was something of a disappointment inside 2014, there are many rumors repeated that Google decide to corporate with LG – for a smaller Nexus 5 successor and Huawei for a larger Nexus 6 successor, both coming inside 2015.

One of the reports claimed that the Huawei device will have a Snapdragon 810 CPU and 5.7 in display with confidential price and the LG will offer a 5.2-inch display with a Snapdragon 808 with a starting price of $399 (approximately Rs. 26,500) for the 16GB model, while the 32GB would cost $449 (approximately Rs. 32,999). It could be said that this is the first time Huawei have made a Nexus handset and it is also the first time Google has released two smartphones in one year and even in a same day.

Moreover, basing on another reliable source, two handsets will be on sale after only 2 weeks since the launch event on September 29 and be available directly from Google, as always. Furthermore, some leak information compared the function of these two new Nexus version. Following that, LG Nexus 5X will have only two variants of 16GB and 32 GB but Huawei’s Nexus 6P smartphone would arrive in three storage options: 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB and may be the first Nexus device to offer 128GB storage option, much like Apple devices. And other different feature is while to distinguish with old corresponding version, LG Nexus 5 will be marked with character “X”, Huawei’s Nexus 6 will be associated with letter “P”. However, two these handsets still have similar characteristics such as both products feature a metal body and fingerprint reader and support USB Type – C, which is not a surprise however, with the new Nexus smartphones meant to be the platform lead devices for Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and Google officially announcing support for the USB specification at I/O 2015.

However, besides some information about LG Nexus 5 appeared in an online retailer’s website – an Amazon’s India Branch, there is no information is confirmed, so the only thing we can do is waiting for few days to get official confirmation at the end of this month.